Supporting people to improve their opportunities in life, especially those who are living on low incomes.

Sustainable Livelihoods Canada (SLC) is a national, not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to promoting awareness and use of the SL approach, a holistic strength-based framework for building livelihood strategies and moving people out of poverty.

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Transform Attitudes & Encourage Fresh Thinking

We are part of a growing movement across Canada seeking to transform attitudes and encourage fresh thinking and practical strategies for change in the social and economic development sector. We offer training, organizational change management consulting, and evaluation services to build engagement in the approach.

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Community of Practice to Share Ideas and Learn

This website is a home space for our community of practice to share ideas and learn from each other.
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Build Social and Economic Engagement

We aim to involve our partner organizations and funders in creating more effective, inclusive and longer-lasting strategies to enhance the impact of their efforts to build social and economic engagement with people living on low-incomes.