Services and Offerings

Evaluation and Outcomes Documentation

A Full-Service Evaluation Shop

Evaluation and program management capacity

SLC’s senior evaluators Janet Murray and Mary Ferguson are leaders in the design and delivery of effective, innovative approaches to learning and evaluation. They have managed over 25 multi-site projects and evaluations with clients such as Canadian Women’s Foundation, United Way, Community Foundations of Canada, ONESTEP, Ontario Trillium Foundation and others institutions.

Bench strength

SLC has built an impressive, diverse team of highly experienced evaluators and community development facilitators who have worked together for years. Each has made a personal commitment to social justice and transformational evaluation, and has experience in developing strong, collaborative approaches to evaluation and systems change (see our Team Profiles).

Evaluation coaching

We work with organizations to design and plan evaluations based on the Sustainable Livelihoods framework, and offer executive coaching and staff training to build the capacity to implement these evaluations.

Understanding of poverty and social exclusion

Each of the team members has frontline experience delivering poverty reduction initiatives including: financial capability, self-employment, employment, Indigenous people’s development, women’s programming, settlement, housing, and Harm Reduction.

Effective operations management

SLC has in place meticulous administration and coordination, operational and financial systems, policies and expertise. We operate as a “virtual” corporation and have moved our financial, management and coordination systems online to support highly effective and efficient at a distance processes.

Community-engaged research

SLC has a long history of mobilizing, training and mentoring peer researchers from the communities in which we do our research and evaluation. This produces high quality, authentic qualitative and quantitative data.

Statistical expertise

We pursue rigorous statistical processes and reporting, while packaging findings in accessible, effective, graphic communication formats.

Bilingual team members

Our team includes senior and intermediate evaluators from francophone communities, who not only speak French, but have a history of engagement in economic and social development in the francophone community.

Web-based learning and facilitation

SLC offers over five years of experience facilitating online education and collaboration.

Building SL Practice

Embedding the SL Framework

SLC offers training workshops and executive coaching services tailored to the needs of organizations and groups of people who are interested in exploring and implementing programming based on the model.

SL Coaching Practice

SLC also works with managers to build the capacity of front-line staff to promote the practice of holistic, client-centred coaching and asset mapping.

Our SL coaching training has given our team practical insight into the challenges facing staff on the front lines of poverty reduction. SL participant engagement offers a model for focused one-to-one coaching that enables frontline staff to engage in powerful conversations with clients resulting in greater resilience, self-directed action and progress towards more stability and prosperity in their lives. Combined with Motivational Interviewing (MI), it offers a very effective professional practice that produces a solid foundation for progress. The model and tools enhance agencies’ poverty reduction strategies.

SL Participant Coaching work offers a single entry-point and personalized, ongoing support for clients. Participants are engaged through a one-to-one interaction addressing the immediate needs and priorities of participants through holistic, participant-centred coaching and support, navigation of systems, breaking down silos which can create barriers to participation. Graphic

SLC offers a Motivational Interviewing (MI)-informed SL coaching training program designed to work with frontline staff and their managers to promote effective one-on-one coaching that supports clients to engage in strengths-based self-assessment, problem solving and systems navigation.

The purpose of this practitioner capacity building is:

  • To promote holistic, client-centred frontline services that improve the effectiveness of community-based responses to poverty.
  • To enhance the capacity of frontline service providers to pursue an empowering, strengths-based approach to supporting people to transition out of poverty.

Anchored by our lead trainers Imma Antony (PhD and MINTed MI specialist), Mary Ferguson (PhD), and Janet Murray (MA), SL Canada has trained over 110 practitioners at 14 organizations across Ontario in this transformative, empowering practice.

The Outcomes of SL Coaching

Sustainable Livelihoods Canada’s (SLC) participant engagement model is a proven, high-impact method for working with people living on low incomes. Previous piloting of SL practice has demonstrated that movement towards positive livelihood outcomes requires two core sets of assets – the conditions and capacity for participation:

  • Conditions for participation: a solid, long-term foundation of basic needs fulfillment, security, and stability for individuals and their families.
    Capacity to participate: a set of core skills that empower people to become self-directed as they manage their basic needs, solve problems, navigate systems, and participate more fully in society and the economy.
  • The practice is grounded in asset mapping process which engages participants in focusing on their priorities, problem solving, and assessing their strengths to build a livelihood strategy.

Exploring Solutions to Social and Economic Exclusion

An agenda for policy change

SLC works with interested communities to explore policy and systems solutions emerging from an understanding of real-world conditions, in order to generate lasting change.

  • SLC builds Communities of Practice to facilitate innovation and to promote new poverty reduction responses
  • SLC has strong in-house expertise and experience facilitating policy analysis and strategy design