Who We Are

Founded in 2019, SLC is a national not-for-profit social enterprise. Our principles and approach are grounded in over 20 years of SL-based programming and evaluation.

Our mission is to advance people’s sustainable livelihoods in Canada, working in partnership with not-for-profit community practitioners across the country to improve client-focused services, and to advance the social and economic engagement of those living on low incomes.

Our mandate is to pursue a policy agenda aimed at promoting de-siloed holistic frontline supports and services that empower people by building their conditions and capacity to move towards sustainable livelihoods.

SLC’s Mission-driven activity

We focus on three areas of activity:

Building SL Capacity

  • Building an awareness and understanding of the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework as a tool for empowering people and promoting social and economic inclusion
  • Growing a field of Sustainable Livelihoods-based coaching practice in the non-profit sector
  •  Enhancing organizational capacity to embed SL practice and manage organizational change
  • Building national communities of practice to promote SL-informed evaluation and front-line coaching
  • Providing a repository of shared SL learning, tools and resources that can be drawn on respectfully by individuals and organizations, in order to pursue, document and disseminate effective practices in SL training and coaching

Evaluating Livelihoods Progress

  • Offering a common language and framework to support evaluation
  • Creating shared SL outcomes indicators and tools
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of non-profit sector programming through an SL-informed, evidence-based developmental approach which promotes learning, continuous improvement of poverty reduction initiatives and a better understanding of outcomes

Shaping Policy and Strategy

  • Fostering an enabling policy environment to support the design of a more client-centred holistic approach to the delivery of public services and programs for vulnerable people
  • Co-designing SL-grounded strategies with organizations and their funders